Custom Dog Ramps built to suit your doggo, your budget and your home environment. 

Boometime Dog Ramps are customised to your needs. This means the height of your bed, the floor space available, the size of your dog and, of course, budget. And don’t forget your home décor. This ensures your dog ramp will add to the comfort and look of your home, instead of being an eyesore.   Due to the ramp’s rubber tread, your dog won’t slip and has a soft, comfortable pathway. 

In order to protect and extend the life of your custom outdoor ramps, they are sealed with Woodoc Waterborne Marine sealant on top of Woodoc Waterborne Marine Primer. Consequently, your ramp will be protected from sun, wind and rain for years to come.

Take a look below at some of the custom ramps I’ve designed.

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If you’ve ever thought to yourself “My dog doesn’t need a ramp – he/she jumps easily from the car / to the bed / up onto the couch, etc”, you’re not alone. Despite your dog seeming to jump with ease, it could also be adding to long-term stress on the joints and potential injury.  This is because jumping down from high places puts immense wear and tear on your dogs’ joints. As they get older, this could lead to painful arthritis. 

As a matter of fact, I speak from experience – my girl, Emmy, used to jump in and out of the car, on and off of the bed and couch. Consequently, she has had to have two cruciate ligament surgeries in the past few years.  Because of this, she needs regular veterinary physiotherapy and is chronic pain meds for osteoarthritis.  I would have invested in ramps years ago,  had I known this could be prevented. Be that as it may, I can at least now assist other dogs and owners to prevent painful long-term injuries.

When should I consider custom dog ramps or steps?

There are two things I highly recommend to new dog owners. Firstly, ensure that you invest in good pet insurance. Secondly, if you’re going to be allowing your dog onto the bed or couch / jumping in and out of the car, get ramps. (Alternatively, don’t allow the jumping.)  You may think that only senior dogs who are struggling to jump should get ramps or steps, but that is not the case. Here are the different cases for ramps:


Senior Dogs

Senior dogs’ bones have the miles on them and the wear and tear can cause them to be less mobile. You may find your dog struggling slowly up the stairs. Or they may be struggling to climb, rather than jump up onto the bed or couch. With senior dogs, you’ll find that a ramp is easier for them to use than steps. This is because walking on a slight incline is less stressful on joints and muscles. Some outdoor stairs may be too steep for your dog and having a custom dog ramp built over your stairs can give them ease of motion and reduce pain..


Dogs with injuries or recovering from surgeries

If your dog has injured their shoulders, legs, paws knees or elbows, you should definitely consider getting them a ramp. Dogs recovering from surgery to any of these areas will also require assistance in getting to places they may have reached easily in the past. Allowing them to jump (particularly DOWN) from high areas could add to their injury or increase their recovery time.


Small dogs

It may seem funny watching those YouTube videos of little dogs rushing towards the couch, jumping….and COMPLETELY mis-timing their jump, hitting the couch and falling to the floor with a look of complete embarrasment. (It can be hard not to laugh). But, each time a small dog falls backwards off the couch after missing the spot, or lands on the floor after jumping down, they can injure themselves (and cost a lot of money on vet visits and potentially surgeries.) 

A ramp or steps is a must if you’re going to allow your smaller dogs on the couch and bed. Remember, it’s not only the jumping ONTO the furniture, but the stress on joints when landing is an important thing to avoid. Often, we pick up our little dogs onto the furniture. But how often do they leap off to investigate and bark at something outside? Having a ramp means that they can quickly and easily get off their high perch and investigate, without human assistance each time. 



This is actually the very best time to get your doggo used to using a ramp. Investing in good medical insurance and a ramp that will last a lifetime for your baby will definitely save you money in the long run. Again, I speak from experience. Emmy’s ACL Surgeries cost almost R30,000 each and her chronic meds are around R700 a month.  

A client of mine recently ordered 3 custom ramps for around the house for her 2 miniature Dachshunds. As you may know, these dogs are prone to a condition called IVDD, which is debilitating and painful. Since her older dog had succumbed to IVDD, she vowed never again to let her dogs jump on and off furniture. After planning to bring home a small puppy, she immediately ordered the 3 ramps.  It was an expensive exercise but, as she told me, she saw it as an investment. As she said, “Prevention is better than cure”.

I also sell standard Car Ramps, Couch Ramps and Bed Ramps which are adjustable, as you may not require something custom built.

If you’re not sure if your dog needs a dog ramp, here is an interesting article on PetMD, titled Do you need a dog ramp? 

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