Dog Couch Ramps – An adjustable Dog Couch Ramp is perfect for senior dogs with mobility issues. Ramps are also ideal for smaller dogs who often jump on and off the couch. Moreover, teaching your puppy to use a ramp from the beginning will save on future vet bills.  

Firstly, Dog Ramps assist even healthy, younger dogs to avoid extra stress on their joints. Subsequently, ramps can prevent degenerative injuries later in life. Numerous studies have shown that the impact of dogs jumping in and out of cars or up and off of beds and couches can cause injuries.  This results in 1 in 5 dogs developing painful Osteoarthritis later in life.  So, if you’re not sure if your dog needs a dog ramp, here is an interesting article on PetMD, titled Do you need a dog ramp?

Dachshunds, particularly, are predisposed toward IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease), which can be debilitating for many breeds. Therefore, it is best ensure that your doggie does not  jump on or off furniture, to minimise the risk of IVDD. In other words, a bed ramp highly recommended if you want your doggie curling up with you on the couch at night. Read more about IVDD here:

There are a number of ramps available in the market but here are some reasons to choose a Boometime Dog Ramp:

Benefits of a Boometime Couch Ramp

The ramp is lightweight and folds flat to only 7cm high. It measures just over 1m long and 37cm wide.

The Boometime Couch Ramp adjusts to 30cm, 40cm and 45cm heights.

The majority of couch ramps on the market feature a carpet, which can collect dust and mites and also does not provide great grip.  Boometime Dog Ramps feature a comfortable 3mm high-traction, easy-to-clean rubber surface for maximum comfort and superior grip.

Boometime Dog Couch Ramps come in clear, natural  sealed Pine or in dark Imbuia stain, but can be finished in whichever colour bests suits your décor. Chat to us about options.

The rubber surface of the dog ramp provides a soft and comfortable padding for your dog.

The Boometime Couch Ramp can accommodate dogs up to 65kg. 

The Boometime Couch Ramp can also be used on low beds of 50cm in height. Check out our ramp training guide for tips on getting your dog to safely use the ramp.

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