Custom dog beds designed right here in Cape Town.  Why shouldn’t your dog’s bed be as nice as your bed….or your couch? 😉

Let me design a bespoke bed to suit your needs, your furkid’s needs and your décor. I can build the bed to fit your existing dog bed or pillow, or design and build it with a custom foam insert. The bed pictured below was designed to fit the Dog’s Life Explorer Sofa. These wooden dog beds elevate your environment and ensure that there aren’t dog beds strewn throughout the house. Made to your specifications to keep your fur-child happy. 

For those pet parents with a robot vacuum, having raised dog beds nowadays is a necessity. Your robot  vacuum can get all that fur out from under the bed, without you having to lift a finger….not that you’re lazy or anything. 😉 It’s the clever choice. AND, having their very own comfy bed will keep them and their fur off the couch….until you’re ready for them to cuddle with you on the couch, of course.

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