This folding Dog Car Ramp is perfect when it comes to protecting your dog’s joints.  Firstly, Dog Car Ramps assist even healthy, younger dogs to avoid extra stress on their joints, which can prevent degenerative injuries later in life. Secondly, if you have a large dog, these will help with YOUR back. Because lifting a large dog in and out of a car can take it’s toll on YOUR joints too!

Why get a Dog Car Ramp?

Numerous studies have shown that the impact of dogs jumping in and out of cars or up and off of beds and couches can cause injuries. Subsequently,  1 in 5 dogs develop painful Osteoarthritis later in life.  So, if you’re not sure if your dog needs a dog ramp, here is an interesting article on PetMD, titled Do you need a dog ramp?

Although there are a number of ramps available in the market, here are some reasons to choose a Boometime Dog Ramp:

Benefits of a Boometime Dog Car Ramp

Because the ramp folds in half, it easily stores behind your car seat or in your boot.

Due to comfortable strap handles, the ramp is easy to handle, carry and store away.

Until now, the majority of car ramps on the market have had a “sandpaper-type grip”, which doesn’t offer the best traction for dogs with longer nails. That’s why Boometime Dog Ramps feature a comfortable 3mm high traction rubber surface for comfort and superior grip.

Each ramp features a rubber grip where the ramp hits the road, protecting the ramp from damage, whilst giving extra grip and stabilisation. Also, our rubber feet protect the ramp when stored or set down on the road.

Due to the ramp’s soft rubber surface your dog will have comfortable padding and better grip.

In order to protect your car from scratches, these dog ramps feature a large foam bumper where the ramp meets your car, thereby protecting it, whilst also providing grip and stability for the ramp.

The rubber grip on the bottom of the dog ramp provides grip on tar or tiles or carpet, meaning that you can use your Boometime Dog Ramp on a variety of surfaces and for a variety of uses. This means you can use it for your dog to get onto the bed or couch if needed.

The Boometime Dog Ramp has been tested by a Veterinary Physiotherapist on dogs weighing 70kg. 

Perfect for hatchbacks and sedans. I can also manufacture custom ramps specific to your needs, ensuring that your dog can comfortably enter your bakkie, SUV or 4×4. Check out our ramp training guide for tips to get your dog comfortable using the car ramp.

So, complete the Enquiry Form below and let me know what you’re looking for.  I also custom build Dog Bed Ramps and Dog Steps

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