Elevating Canine Comfort in Cape Town and Beyond

At Boometime Custom Design, our journey began in the heart of Cape Town, inspired by a genuine love for dogs and a passion for woodworking. What started as a personal project to create custom dog ramps, steps, and furniture for my beloved Emmy, soon transformed into a sought-after service for friends, family, and now, dog lovers across South Africa.

Why Choose Boometime’s Dog Ramps? Our dedication goes beyond craftsmanship. Every dog ramp is a testament to our commitment to canine health and safety. After Emmy underwent bi-lateral cruciate ligament surgeries, the importance of minimizing strain on her joints became evident. This realization led to the creation of our first Dog Car Ramp, which has since evolved through continuous design enhancements. Today, our ramps come highly endorsed by esteemed Veterinary Physiotherapists, a testament to their efficacy and quality.

Our Signature Dog Ramp Collection:

  • Dog Car Ramp: Ensure every car ride starts and ends with ease.
  • Dog Bed Ramp: Sweet dreams are just a gentle climb away.
  • Dog Couch Ramp: Let your furry friend lounge without the leap.

While we strive to maintain stock of our three signature ramps, their popularity often leads to them flying off the shelves! Kindly anticipate a potential 3-4 week waiting period – a testament to their demand and our commitment to quality.

Customized Solutions Tailored to Your Needs: Every dog and home is unique. That’s why, beyond our standard offerings, we’re thrilled to craft custom solutions that cater to your specific needs. Explore our gallery for a glimpse of our past projects and head to our Products page for orders or custom quotes. Remember, each product is hand-made, ensuring it meets your exact specifications and standards.

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Custom Dog Ramps and Steps

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