In the event that you do not have enough space for a dog ramp, dog steps are the next best option.  Whether you have a senior dog with mobility issues or smaller dog who often jumps on and off your bed, steps will assist in keeping your dog safe from injury. Jumping on and off a bed or couch adds extra stress on your dog’s joints, even in younger dogs. Subsequently, this can cause degenerative injuries later in life. So as to give your young dog the best start, or your old dog a helping hand, order  some custom steps for your bed.

Boometime Dog Steps are customised to your needs, the height of your bed or couch, the floor space you have available, the size of your dog and, of course, your home decor. This ensures that your dog steps add to the comfort and look of your room, instead of being an eyesore.  Because we use a rubber tread, your dog doesn’t slip and has a soft, comfortable path to your bed.  If you want more information on whether your dog needs steps, here’s an article from the American Kennel Club that you may want to read. 

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